Mylan Hackathon 2016

Mylan is a global pharmaceutical company with an ambitious mission: To provide the world’s 7 billion people access to high quality medicine and set new standards in healthcare.

As an innovator in our industry, Mylan is excited to be one of the few pharmaceutical companies in the world to host hackathons.

The 2016 Mylan Hackathon is an opportunity for students and professionals to connect, collaborate and communicate with people at Mylan to develop solutions that address real-world challenges.

We’ll provide a terrific space for hacking, great food and awesome prizes. Mylan coaches and engineers will be on hand throughout the event to help your team develop its solution.

Not to pat ourselves on the back, but our prizes really are awesome.

We awarded more than $18,000 in cash and prizes last year, with the top team taking home $1,000 per person! We will provide top-notch giveaways at the door. This year’s prizes will be even bigger and better!

Is this your first Hackathon?
Here are some Tips & Tricks

We want everyone to be successful!


Before the event:

  • Form your team, choose your challenge and talk about potential solutions. Assign roles and responsibilities within your team based on each member’s talents and interests. Consider what other teams might build and whether your solution will stand out.

During the event:

  • Remember, there is limited time to build your solution, so wasted moments may affect your outcome. So be honest and critical early on. That way, you’ll have time to course correct, if necessary.
  • Seek advice from the Mylan coaches – we’re here to help!
  • Take a mental break. We have tons of fun activities planned throughout the event to help your mind unwind!


  • When time is up, be ready. You’ll have 5 minutes to present your solution. The cutoff time will be strictly enforced. "Wow" us, and you could take home a prize.
  • Teams will draw numbers out of hat to determine presentation order. Determine presentation roles – e.g., who will speak, who will run the laptop – in advance. A weekend’s worth of work comes down to both the quality of your idea and your ability to present it with authority to the judges.
  • Designate one laptop as the presentation machine. Test loading material on it before you present. Make sure you can connect the laptop to our projector; we support VGA and HDMI.
  • Bring everything you need in order to be successful with you. Whatever puts you in control, procure it beforehand and have it set up at go time.

Additional Logistics:

  • Wireless access will be provided to all participants to research and build their solutions. The signal is strong throughout the entire venue.
  • We cannot provide anyone access to Mylan’s internal systems, software or servers during the event.

Things that will speed you along:

  • Set realistic expectations – a bit of whiteboarding in the a.m. may save you lots of time the rest of the weekend.
  • A picture is worth a thousand words, so draw what you want to build. It’ll reduce the chance of slow communication or miscommunication.
  • Use a framework – bootstrap, jquery, project templates.
  • Use github or something similar – share code and be able to roll back quickly, if needed.
  • Start from the UI – what will people see? – and work backwards.
  • Your solution should look decent – give it a name and logo. Brand it.

Join us at our beautiful Global Center

Enjoy our brand new space, located at
Platina-3 Prestige Technology Park,
Sarjapur Outer Ring Rd.

01: Why

Because you "hack for a cause," meet people who want to change the world of healthcare and it's a good time.

03: When

Saturday, March 19, 2016 - Sunday, March 20, 2016

04: Who

Students, engineers, developers, designers, analysts, tinkerers, mavens, game-changers.

05: How

Come prepared with a great idea to one of our challenges. You will have to work hard to win, but believe us, it will be worth it.

06: What

Develop an innovative solution to one of our challenges and your team could take home the prize.

Looking for something to build?

Put your own unique vision and identity on one of these challenges.

Overcoming Cultural Obsticles to ARV Treatment

How could access to information overcome obstacles to HIV treatment in emerging markets?

Two-thirds of the world's population does not have ready access to the Internet. Fortunately, widespread efforts under way are changing this landscape, such as Facebook's

As an example, HIV patients face stigmas, poverty and other social barriers limiting their access to quality care. As people in emerging markets around the globe come online and experience newfound access to information, how can we use technology to help them understand diseases like HIV and why proper treatment is key to having a healthy future?

How can we leverage existing technology to increase

How can we leverage existing technology to increase "access" to more people in India?

Currently, the Mylan India commercial sales organization primarily focuses on marketing our products and services in metropolitan areas across India. However, approximately 68% of the Indian population lives in rural areas.

How can we leverage existing technology to create new models of communication between our sales organization, doctors, pharmacists and consumers, regardless of where they are located?

Data Science to the Rescue

How can we better understand the state of "access" in the world?

With the enormous amount of data from a host of different organizations available on the Internet today, we now are able to gain new insights into the state of world health and understand patients like never before.

How can we leverage public datasets and application programming interfaces (API) to build insights and visualizations on which diseases are most burdensome to patients, hospitals and global economies?

Capture events

How could we capture potential adverse events/adverse drug reaction notifications?

Prior to bringing a drug to market, pharmaceutical companies undertake extensive trials in accordance with requirements set forth by regulatory agencies.

After a product goes to market, pharmaceutical companies then track instances of Adverse Events and Adverse Drug Reactions for the drugs they manufacture and sell. These events frequently are posted on online via news feeds and social media.

How can we use technology to search for this information and identify the relevant company and their contact information?

RLD Portal

How could we build a comprehensive Reference Listed Drug-Innovator Product Portal?

A generic drug is defined as a product that is comparable to a brand/reference listed drug product in dosage form, strength, quality and performance characteristics, and intended use.

Information on branded medicine often is reviewed or collected by searching regulatory websites.

How could we collate reference listed drug product information across various regulatory agency websites to generate reports, including the product name, marketing authorization holder, active ingredient, dosage form, strength and presentations/product information leaflets for all markets of interest?


Read our Frequently Asked Questions

These are the best answers we could come up with. If you still have questions, contact us.

Do I need to be a developer to participate?

All different participant skill sets are welcome. However, this is an event focused on building, and each participant will be expected to contribute to the development of a working app, so each team should have at least one experienced developer.

Does each team member need to register?

Yes, each team member needs a ticket. We have to figure out how much food to order!

Do good. Do well.